BlueNet Network Camera

  • Take a high-end CCTV camera and combine it with an embedded BlueNet video server and what do you have? You end up with a compact and reliable network camera that provides up to 30 frames/sec with excellent video quality, accessible from any Internet capable PC.
  • Interior Camera Surveillance
  • High Sensitivity 1/3" 410,000 pixels CCD with on-chip microlenses and a low noise digital signal processing circuit that provides high sensitivity down to 0.8 lux (F1.2)
  • High Quality Image High resolution, high sensitivity design for a horizonal resolution of 470 TV lines (460 TV lines PAL). Such a high quality image is obtained by digital signal processing with optimization of a control program and an image correction algorithm.
  • Back Light Compensation When strong light entering the scene's background, maybe from a spotlight or window, the back light compensation function automatically adjusts the video level so as to preserve visibilty in the most important sections of the image.
  • White Balance Two control modes of auto-tracking (ATW) and preset (AWC) white balance can be selected according to conditions
  • Iris Function The provides a drive output for VIDEO type lenses and DC type lenses. In addition, a built-in electronic shutter allows shutter speeds up to 1/100,00th sec. The CCD iris function automatically sets the brightness of the picture by changing the shutter speed of the camera according to the amount of incident light present.

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