BlueNet Video Server

  • Interior / Exterior Camera Surveillance
  • The BlueNet video server required two years of engineering and quality certifications.
  • It combines a built-in 32-bit reduced RISC processor with a patented proprietary video compression chipset to provide the highest quality imaging possible, without sacrificing speed and fluidity of motion.
  • Some video servers have more features, but you will NOT find another video server that provides higher quality at 30 frames/sec.
  • A remote video server is a device that allows you to broadcast video over the Internet. This technology is commonly confused with web cameras. There are significant technological differences. A "video server" is a completely self contained device. I.E., a PC is not required.
  • All of the necessary circuitry and chipsets, including the Internet "NIC" card is built in. A server even has its own operating system. A webcam is merely a camera, often a very low cost and low image quality cmos or (complimentary metal oxide semiconductor) device. There are no software installations necessary with our video server.
  • The operating system is also built-in. Connect any type of video input and access it anywhere, even a home camcorder. You need only an Internet browser. Imagine the possiblities.

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