Camlock Series S28D

  • The Series 28D Octagon die cast range is the Octagon version of the 2D, enjoying all the benefits of that product with the added advantage of the patented Octagon system.
  • Award winning Octagon design for improved security
  • The Octagon is covered by Registered Design No.2072492, European Patent Application No.99301047.9 and S.A. Patent 99/01095
  • 7- pin radial pin tumbler switch lock, 500,000 differs
  • Single pole off/on configuration
  • Available in NO or NO/NC operation
  • All Brass
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Supplied with 2 keys per lock as standard with KD locks
  • Available in Keyed Alike (KA) and Keyed to Differ (KD) formats
  • May be suited with other 7- pin Octagon radial pin tumbler products
  • To comply with CE regulations, these switches are rated at less than 50 Volts for alternating current and less than 75 Volts for direct current.

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