Locksmith Glossary - O

Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council

Occupancy Type
(adj.) The use to which an area of a building is put with reference to the prevailing life safety or building code.

Odometer Method
(n.) A means of progressing key bittings using a progression sequence of right to left.

(abb.) Oersted

(n.) A unit of magnetic field strength which is commonly used in the magnetic recording industry.

Offset Cam
(n.) A cam which is bent to have its ends in different planes.

Oil Cup
(n.) A receptacle for lubricant on a machine.

One Bitted
(adj.) Of or pertaining to a cylinder which is or is to be combinated to keys cut to the manufacturer's reference number one bitting.

One Column Progression
(n.) A process wherein key bittings are obtained by using the cut possibilities in one column of the key bitting array.

One Pin Master Key
(n.) A master key for all combinations obtained by progressing only one bitting position.

One Shot
(adj.) Of or pertaining to a wire run that has an unobstructed line of sight.

One-Way Deadbolt
(n.) A deadbolt operable from only one side of a door.

Open Back Strike
(n.) A strike, typically used on double door applications, that has an unenclosed opening opposite the lip edge.

Open Face Dial
(n.) A combination lock actuator designed to have all the numbers visible at once.

Open Gated
(adj.) Pertaining to a lever tumbler whose gate is in the edge of the tumbler.

Open Loop
(n.) A detection circuit where continuity between branches will result in a reportable condition.

Opening Index
(n.) The index or mark to which a combination is dialed in order to effect an opening.

Operating Key
(n.) Any key which will properly operate a lock or cylinder to lock or unlock the lock mechanism and is not a control key or reset key.

Operating Shear Line
(n.) Any shear line which allows normal operation of a cylinder or lock.

Original Key Blank
(n.) A key blank supplied by the lock manufacturer to fit that manufacturer's specific product.

Out of Time
(adj.) Of or pertaining to a condition where a mechanical part is misoriented and cannot function correctly.

Overhead Concealed Closer
(n.) A closer designed for installation out of view in the door header area.

Overhead Stop
(n.) A door stop which contacts the door near the top.

Override Code
(n.) In an electronic lock, a factory-set or user-set combination that will always open the lock.

Override Combination
(n.) In certain locks with a user changeable combination, a second combination which allows access at all times. It is usually factory set and may not be field changeable.

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