Locksmith Glossary - W

Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council

Walk-in Vault
(n.) A vault with a man door and open floor space inside.

Wall Safe
(n.) A safe installed in a wall so that only the door and a frame is visible.

(n.) 1. The projecting ridge of a lock or keyhole that prevents the turning of a key other than the proper one.
(n.) 2. The notch cut into a key that corresponds to such a ridge.

Source: Dictionary.com

(n.) A usually stationary obstruction in a lock or cylinder which prevents the entry and/or operation of an incorrect key.

Ward Cut
(n.) A modification of a key which allows it to bypass a ward.

(adj.) Having one or more wards.

Warded Key
(n.) A key with ward cuts only, typically a bit key, flat steel key or corrugated key.

Warded Lock
(n.) A ward is a fixed projection designed to obstruct unauthorized keys from entering or operating the lock. Provides little security as wards are easy to bypass with a stiff piece of wire or thin strip of metal.

Source: Phillips, Bill; The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing, fifth edition, McGraw Hill, 2001

Warnock Hersey
(n.) An independent testing laboratory.

Wheel Lock
(n.) 1. A lock which prevents rotation of a wheel.
(n.) 2. A lock which prevents removal of a wheel.

Wheel Pack
(n.) An assembly of combination wheels.

Wheel Puller
(n.) A tool used to remove the steering wheel from a column.

Window Bug
(n.) An alarm system component designed to detect breaking glass.

Wipe Tool
(n.) 1. A device used to decode lever lock combinations by an arc contact with the configured lever/belly characteristic shape.
(n.) 2. A tool for cleaning the hidden part of an automotive window to facilitate viewing of linkage.

Working Trim
(n.) Lock or exit device trim which activates a mechanism.

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