Alarm Lock 2000

  • Weatherproofed
  • Accepts most HID Proximity cards and keyfobs including 26 - 48 bit formats
  • 2000 User codes: Master; manager; supervisor; basic user
  • Users are individually programmed to use a card only, code only, or for highest security - both card and code
  • Card data can be added to software via the lock, card reader module or PC
  • Batch enroll allows many cards to be added quickly to the software via the lock with the use of PC
  • Weatherproof and operates from -20° F to 151° F (-29° C to 66° C)
  • This Trilogy model has the ability to, upon code entry, either valid or not valid to trigger a relay output to capture a cctv image.
  • This Trilogy model has a unique ambush feature so if someone is forced to enter their code by an unauthorized entrant, the user simply adds an addition 2 digit code when entering their code and either a cctv can be snapped or an external alarm can be sounded and help notified.
  • Fingertip (keypad) or Windows PC-programmable
  • 500 scheduled events/schedules and up to 40,000 event Audit Trail that can be printed to AL-IR1 Infrared Printer or AL-DTM (data transfer module) or AL-PCI (PC Interface)

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