Master to Sub Communication

  • 12V DC, 300mA per station. *Use PS-12C power supply
  • Subs call in with call tone and LED, 20 sec.
  • Depress station button with lit LED. Press to talk, hands free reply.
  • No LED annunciation between masters.
  • Hands free reply from responding master.
  • *800mW receive at 20ohms. 500mW transmit at 20ohms.
  • 30V DC, 0.1A (resistance load).
  • 12V DC, 300mA.
  • Use shielded multi-conductor wire, not twisted pairs.
  • 2 conductors per sub, homerun (single master system), or 3 conductors per sub (multi-master system). (Use Aiphone #822202 or #822203.)
  • 650' with 22AWG, 1600' with 18AWG

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