Mortise Lock Installation in New York City

Mortise Locks are one of the most durable and functional locks that you can have in your residence or other high traffic entry/exit point. Known for its pick-proof and tamperproof security features, a top-brand Mortise Lock does an excellent job of protecting your home or business, your valuable assets – and, most importantly, you and the people who you care most about.

How does it work?

A Mortise lock includes a latch and dead latch pin. When the lock is in the closed position, the latch is extended (securing the door) and the dead latch pin is pushed in. This internally pins the latch so that the door can't be opened by sliding a plastic card in against the latch.

After 20 years of experience in the New York City area security industry, Schneider Locksmith is the best option when you’re looking for a wide range of high-quality Mortise Lock brands to select from. Some of the prestigious manufacturers we are proud to work with include: Schlage, Yale, Falcon, Sargent and Mul-T-Lock.

Schneider Locksmith is a leading security advisor and provider of mortise locks in New York.

Our technicians will analyze your specific security needs and advise you on your best Mortise Lock option. If you need to repair a broken mortise lock, replace an existing mortise lock, or install a new one, we’re able to help you.

Schneider Locksmith is also happy to provide you with 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith services throughout the New York City area. All our prices are accessible and our services and products are 100% guaranteed.

*Please Note: The mortise locks illustrated on this page are for display purposes only and are not for sale on this website.

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