PCProx USB reader

  • Proximity card users can use just one card to access their facility as well as their LAN and computer.
  • The pcProxH USB reader allows end users to log onto to the LAN and PC using their existing proximity token. At the logon prompt, the user simply waves their proximity card and the pcProx USB fills in the password field for you. You may configure the reader add a 'ENTER' or TAB key to complete the process.
  • For increased security, couple the proximity card number with a 4 character PIN (supplied by the user) for a secure two-factor authentication system.
  • The reader requires only an operating system that support USB such as Windows 98, 2000, or XP. All HID formats are supported.
  • The kit includes:
  • One pcProx USB reader, Configuration software is downloaded (3.5mb) using a link supplied by RF IDeas. Note: The user may order a separate CD below.
  • Motorola cards may need special programming in order to return the same number held in the facility access control database. Software downloaded from RF IDeas.

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