PCprox Card Reader

  • GE Interlogix and Casi-Rusco proximity card users can use just one card to protect their facility as well as identify their users.
  • Now organizations can allow employees to identify themselves using their exisitng proximity badge or token. The pcProx 232 (for RS-232c ports) reader allows end users to read all identification information for applications capable of reading ASCII data from serial ports, running under Windows 98, NT, 2000, or XP.
  • The end user may selectively include/exclude any card information by configuring the reader's memory. Additionally, the user may format the facility and ID codes, define separator characters, and append characters such as , to the ID to further enhance using reader with a 3rd party applications.
  • Please click here to download the free configuration application pcProxConfig.exe for more details.
  • All proximity card formats are supported.
  • Data communications parameters are 9600 baud, No parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit.
  • The pcProx-232 attaches to a RS232 DB9 connector. A pass-through PS/2 connector attaches to the keyboard or mouse port for supplying power to the reader.
  • Call RF IDeas if you have further questions 847-870-1723.
  • The kit includes: (1) one GE Interlogix / Casi-Rusco pcProx reader for RS-232c ports, Configuration application is downloaded (3.5mb) using a link supplied above. Note: The user may order a separate CD below.
  • Requires RS-232c port and an operating system that supports serial port devices.

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