Prevent False Alarms


Everybody hates false alarms. And they are not simply annoying. Each day police and fire departments waste countless hours responding to unnecessary alarms gone off at homes and businesses. Estimates range well into the millions of dollars spent responding to the loud but bogus warnings.

For home and business owners false alarms are not only embarrassing they can be expensive. Most communities have limits beyond which fines are levied for these annoying incidents. Here are the best ways you can avoid wasting everyone's time and your money, and make sure your alarm system goes off only when you want it to.
  • Get off on the right foot; have your alarm system installed by well-established experienced locksmith professionals who know what they're doing.
  • Be certain you buy an alarm system installed with The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association Standard of a minimum of 22 AWG conductors.
  • Alarm sensors on doors should be programmed to delay at least 45-second delay before activating.
  • Ensure motion detectors have a backup sensor to verify the activation of the first sensor. Make sure they are on the same circuit.
  • If your system has a panic button, make sure it is positioned somewhere it is least likely to be triggered accidentally.


Alarm systems should undergo thorough maintenance yearly. At the same time, check the contacts on windows and doors to make sure they are secure. Check the battery.
Alarms don't go off for no reason. If you do experience a false alarm investigate and correct the cause.
Do a thorough check of motion detectors and alarm screens. Check for wetness, spider webs, dust, rust, or any foreign factor that is likely to interfere with performance.
Keep handy the alarm's manual.


  • Make certain there are no movable objects like balloons left in rooms with an active motion detector.
  • Keep Fido or Tabby away from active motion detectors; and don't forget mice can trigger alarms, as well.
  • Be sure all exterior doors are solid wood or metal and have deadbolt locks so all doors are secure and can't be easily jiggled.
  • Be alert to environmental changes such as new plants, pets, Christmas trees, other seasonal decorations, or air conditioners that might stir, fall, or set drapes into motion.
  • Makes certain all employees and family members, who may need to, know how your security system works and what are the codes.
  • Fixing broken windows will prevent drafts or even birds or rodents from entering an area of surveillance.
  • Have a qualified locksmith evaluate existing locks. Replace worn or suspect locks


  • Suggest your monitoring company not respond for the first couple of weeks after installation to give you time to work out bugs and glitches.
  • After the initial period of adjustment, make sure your alarm company is as responsive as they promised they'd be.
  • Arrange with the company a monthly test of your system.
  • Make sure your company knows exactly whom to call when an alarm is triggered.
  • Your alarm company should provide you thorough training in all aspects of your system.
  • Alert your monitoring company if you are having repair or construction work done around the house that might set off an alarm.
  • Notify the company when you plan to go on vacation and when you're scheduled to return.
  • Keep your emergency call list updated.


  • Be particularly vigilant after a false alarm. There's always a chance someone could be setting it off in hopes you will come to ignore it.
  • Have well rehearsed plan for canceling false alarms and make sure all family members and employees are familiar with it.
  • Ensure your alarm is able to transmit a signal to the company that monitors alarms in case of power outages.
  • Finally, although it may sound obvious, remember to cancel instantly any false alarms that do occur.
If you remember to heed this simple list you could save yourself time, money, and embarrassment. Moreover, your police department will thank you.
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