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Every day we provide locksmith and security services for all residents of New York City and its visitors; starting from the opening of the door locks through installing a new lock on the door entrance to the planning and installation of advanced security systems, include: intercom systems, alarm systems, access control systems and electronic locks.

On this page you can read Client Testimonials about the various services that we gave them. We will be happy to add you to our circle of clients.

I just recently moved into a new apartment in Manhattan, and I can't stand living somewhere that someone else has had the key to! So, as soon as I moved, I contacted Schneider Locksmith, and they were awesome! They came really quickly after I contacted them, were incredibly professional, and did a great job installing my new front entrance lock. It looks great, works perfectly, and I feel so much safer now that I have my new lock setup. I will definitely be contacting them again for any locksmith services!

five stars Ryan, Manhattan

Somehow, in my haste of leaving one day, I managed to lock myself out of my apartment, which I discovered when I got home from work. I called Schneider Locksmith, and they came right over, and went to work getting me back in my place. Once they were there, we looked at my old lock, and decided to just go ahead and replace the lock instead. The technician was really professional, and replaced that lock much better. I couldn't be happier with my new lock, it works so much easier than my old one. I didn't even realize how bad it had gotten before, and am so happy now. Thank you Schneider Locksmith

five stars Sophia, Brooklyn

I was subletting new york city apartment for Christmas. While staying there I was locked out of the apartment in the West Village. I found Schneider Locksmith online and called, the lady on the phone was very nice and understanding (on 11:30PM!), they guy arrived in 25 minutes and was able to open the deadbolt on the door in a professional way, I was lucky he had the same one with him so he was able to install a new lock and even made my old key to work on the new lock, I was satisfied with these guys and I will recommend them to a friend!

five stars Milan R., San Lorenzo, CA

I just started renting a beautiful apartment in Manhattan. I feel pretty safe there, but I like the security of having a deadbolt on my door, and when I moved in there wasn't one. My landlord said it was ok, so I googled "locksmith company in New York", and found Schneider locksmith. When I contacted them they were incredibly nice, and the technician came by really quickly. They offered me the Schlage Tubular-Lock 180, and it looked great so that's what we went with. It looks great, and it works amazing! The lock is smooth, and I feel 100% secure in my cute little apartment now. thank :)

five stars Emma Davis, Manhattan

I purchased an apartment building in Manhattan, and the locks were old and needed replaced, as well as a security system with cameras, a video intercom and more. So, I contacted a number of locksmith and security companies in New York City, and received many different bids. In the end, I decided to go with Schneider locksmith. Not only did they have the best bid for the work, but they were also very convenient to get ahold of any time, and flexible hours to go along with their great prices! I am completely satisfied with all the new locks and security system, and my tenants are happy that I was willing to do so much work to make them feel safe. It was definitely a win-win, and I'm incredibly glad I trusted Schneider locksmith with the job.

five stars Ryan .G., Manhattan

I looked online to find a decent locksmith to replace my deadbolt on my apartment front door. I called 3 companies and Schneider locksmith were better in all aspects.

The girl on the phone was very professional and helpful, she made an effort to get a locksmith based on my busy schedule, the price was reasonable and the locksmith was very professional! He was able to make my old door looks better with the deadbolt he installed.

I will definitely recommend them to anyone with a need for a locksmith service, thanks a lot guys

five stars Daniel M., Fair Lawn, NJ

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